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Disequilibrium - Koveck (2014) by Koveck
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Where The Hell Did This Ghost Car Come From???

Russia is a scary place, full of vodka, krokodil, and banyas. But none of those things can explain the mysterious appearance of a random car, as it seems to materialize out of thin air. Is it actually a ghost? A remnant from the Philadelphia Experiment? Or something far more sinister?

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Schoolgirl films strange black ring in the UK sky.

A YouTube video has popped up showing a mysterious black ring in the sky, leaving viewers stumped as to what it could be.

16 year old Georgina Heap was at Leamington Spa in the UK playing tennis with her mother when she looked up and spotted the strange phenomenon. The ring, which looks like it is almost made of smoke, was visible for 3 minutes before disappearing.

Theories have ranged from vortex rings to fireworks smoke, to a swarm of insects.

[It’s A Strange World]

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Paul McCarroll, “The Ghost of Tears” 2013
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The last known photo of Chris Benoit, taken on a cell phone by a fan at Dr. Phil Astin’s office on June 22nd, 2007.  It was later determined that his wife was already dead by the time this photo was taken.
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Hannibal by MattDeMino
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Micah Dunlap
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Ray Biondi, (now former,) chief of homicide for the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, describes the scene when he and on-site detectives first entered the apartment of serial killer Richard Chase.

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